Top Skills

  • PHP
  • Docker
  • Linux
  • RabbitMQ
  • PostgreSQL


  • Portuguese Native
  • English Full Professional


Flávio Heleno

I make things work.


  • Flávio is a mission driven IT Specialist with extensive experience as a Backend Developer, Software Architect and Site Reliability Engineer.
  • He obtained his bachelor at University of São Paulo, where he got a major in Computer Science and a minor in embedded systems, and worked with Data Mining and Complex Networks research.
  • His main interests include embedded development, open source development and automation.


  • Beta Learning
  • IT SpecialistDec 2020 to Present
    • Guided the creation of a highly-scalable event-driven Service-oriented architecture to handle PIX payments based in RabbitMQ;
    • Planned and installed a cloud hosting infrastructure based on AWS for a Supermarket Chain to host their e-commerce website and mobile app, with an average 6K req/s;
    • Managed an Auto Dealership Chain cloud infrastructure migration from Azure to a dedicated server, with CI/CD GitHub Pipelines and Ansible automation, reducing costs by around 10 times;
    • Coordinated the technical strategy with partners for organic growth and peak dates (eg. Black Friday), ensuring system availability during usage peaks;
    • Mentored a team of 5 junior developers in development best practices, development process, quality and security;
    • Collaborated with several team leaders in the execution of the individual development plan of the technical team members;
  • Liber Capital
  • Chief Reliability OfficerJun 2019 to Nov 2020
    • Managed the SRE Team, responsible for handling infrastructure security, performance and incidents;
    • Managed the Support Team, responsible for handling internal and external support;
    • Coordinated with the Delivery Team to keep track of feature requests and bug reports received by the Support Team;
    • Supervised the installation of a VPN network using WireGuard to enable secure access to systems and servers;
    • Supervised the installation of a 3rd Party Security Monitoring in all computers and servers;
    • Collaborated with the COO to write the company's Information Security Policy, Business Continuity Plan and Data Loss Prevention Policy;
    • Executed a technical due diligence process in Adianta, now part of Liber Capital;
  • VP EngineeringOct 2017 to Jun 2019
    • Recruited and interviewed a diverse team for all technical related positions, raising the size of the team from 4 to 15+ people;
    • Replaced the informal Development Process with a Kanban-like one, improving delivery pace and reducing team idle time;
    • Executed the integration with BTGPactual using AWS Peering and RabbitMQ for secure message exchange, enabling fully automated funding operations;
    • Supervised the integration with JBS S/A and BRF S/A using RabbitMQ and Value Added Networks (VANs), enabling fully automated Supply Chain Finance (SCF) operations;
  • Chief Technology OfficerFeb 2013 to Sep 2017
    • Recruited and interviewed a diverse team for all technical related positions, raising the size of the team from 1 to 7 people;
    • Coded a RESTful API that scraped data from social media providers with a pluggable backend which enabled new providers to be added without much effort;
    • Coded a rules-based system that was used to score profile data based on signals;
    • Coded a full development kit in Java, Python, PHP and JavaScript, allowing customers to easily integrate with the API;
    • Presented multiple technical due diligence processes prior to 3 rounds of seed investments;
    • Assisted in multiple commercial meetings when technical subjects were brought to the table;


  • Universidade de São Paulo
  • Bachelor's degree, Computer Science
  • Jan 2007 to Dec 2012


  • Embedded PHP
  • Libraries and extensions for handling hardware in PHP on Linux-based single-board computers
  • Package Health
  • Package.Health uses semantic versioning to detect outdated or insecure dependencies in your project.